VP GO Fast Forward

A Turnkey Solution for Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19. Engage employees in any location, prioritise their health & safety, and rebound your business outcomes with VP GO Fast Forward.

Many Paths, One Journey

Virgin Pulse’s, culture-first technology solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your wellbeing journey today, and grow with you as your business and wellbeing needs evolve.

What business outcomes can we help you achieve?

  • Reduce health care costs
  • Improve business performance
  • Build a great company culture
  • Integrate and optimise benefits & HR Investments

Your Homebase for Health™

Health is personal. Homebase for Health™ simplifies the human experience. Our vision is to eliminate uncertainty by assisting people in navigating their health journey. Homebase for Health™ makes it easier for people to understand and take action towards their personal goals.

Changing Lives for Good™

Our solutions deliver on the Homebase for Health™ vision and transform the mental, physical, financial, social, community and emotional health of organisations and their people by empowering, inspiring and engaging them to make small, achievable changes in their regular routine.

By weaving relevant and trusted nudges into our member’s daily, established routines, we are able to drive meaningful change and measurable health outcomes through sustained empowerment.

Delivering Healthy Outcomes through Homebase for Health™

Our Homebase for Health™ vision unlocks the value of all your health investments – integrating your wellbeing, conditions management, benefits navigation and partner programmes into a smart, flexible and ‘better together’ ecosystem. The result? A unified, highly personal, empowering and change-enabling experience for your employees and users.

Wellbeing Engagement

Helping our members improve wellbeing, safety and performance via our world class digital platform:

  • Global challenge
  • Condition management
  • Benefits navigation

Global Challenge

  • A holistic wellbeing solution that harnesses the power of friendly, team-based competition to build healthy habits and drive collaboration across your organisation.
  • No heavy lifting here – it can be rolled out in just days. Perfect for organisations looking to kickstart wellbeing and support healthier, happier and more engaged employees.
  • Deeply personalised empowering members to forge their own unique health and wellbeing journey.

Condition Management

Helping members manage chronic conditions and improve health outcomes.

  • Engages and supports members with health conditions in multidimensional, tailored ways through tips, tools and digital coaching journeys.
  • Specifically designed to drive health outcomes, improve health literacy and reduce health-related costs.
  • Uses evidence-based best practices and strategies to actively engage members who have conditions.

Benefits Navigation

Helping members easily find, navigate to and better understand their company benefits.

  • Consolidates health, wellness and financial benefits solutions into one engaging, personal experience to decrease costs, and provide peace-of-mind in the individual health journey.
  • Intuitive and intelligent recommendation engine increases benefit awareness and utilisation with personalised communications that reach the right employee at the right time.
  • Dedicated team of experts provide support and help members find the benefit information they need.

Ready to recharge your employees?