Take care of professional equipment during group classes in the fitness room, in the areas of relaxation, reinforcement, flexibility, strength and flexibility.

Ergo Eco Mat™

Ergo Eco Mat™ is a cutting-edge training mat produced of natural material such as sugarcane. It is a light, robust and eco-friendly alternative for standard mats. It is easily cleaned, ensures perfect grip and adhesion to the surface. Its unique ergonomic shape and clamping mechanism enable fast and trouble-free detaching and putting away the mat on a hanger even by a larger number of users simultaneously.

The use of Ergo Eco™ mat enhances pro-ecological attitudes, giving the user a feeling of positive impact on the environment. The mat may be recycled in 100% after its validity d


Polyurethane Pump Set is a part of Gipara Fitness – Obsidian line of accessories, which is distinguished by its original design, elegant and explicit colours. The plates have been made of high quality polyurethane that protects them from damage even during the most demanding group activities. Pump Set from the Obsydian series fits perfectly into the designer interiors of modern gyms, fitness clubs and apartments. 

Rubber Pump Set

A professional weight bar designed for a group workout. Nowadays it is essential in each fitness club. Rubber octangular disks do not roll and are easy to change. Secure handles make the disks safe and liftable. High quality material used makes the pump set look really esthetic.

It is well displayed on special stands that allow not only easy use, but also optimal use of space and aesthetic storage.