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Product Features

  • Structure of Smith and Half Rack
  • Various upper body exercises and various lower body exercises using assistive devices
  • Exercise equipment designed to safely exercise in various areas with barbells and dumbbells of wide weight
  • High strength frame for experts using 3.2t structural steel pipe
  • It is composed of pipe laser processing and modular method, so consumers can easily assemble it.
  • Pursuit of high-quality with double-coated frame coating


Product Features | PRODUCT FEATURE

  • Provides a stable exercise environment for beginner users by realizing low starting resistance with a 1:4 load ratio
  • The 1:4 load ratio enables fast-paced exercise, enabling professional sports training.
  • Roller-type pulley housing structure allows smooth and easy position adjustment
  • Wide range of motion possible with 19-step position adjustment
  • Convenient and safe pull lever type positioning pin and rotary pulley hand clip
  • Complex strength training possible by using various accessories
  • Excellent durability and beautiful design by laser processing and 3.2t drawn steel pipe