Gym Equipment Maintenance

If you manage a commercial gym, have an on-site company gym, own a hotel with a gym, have a school or university gym, manage a small practice with gym equipment, contact our friendly team today to arrange a complimentary quotation, looking after your gym equipment is as important as servicing your motor vehicle. The last thing you need is your gym equipment out of service for longer than it needs to be.

We know it's important for you to keep good quality equipment in good condition. Our team of service technicians are able to service on-site. If the equipment is in need of more serious repair, we have a workshop team to facilitate that requirement.

In busy gyms, regular preventative maintenance is a good way to identify potential issues and get them seen to as soon as possible. Should you prefer we conduct regular inspections we'd be happy to inspect the equipment according to a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or bi-annual schedule.

Any additional costs are quoted for and confirmed before going ahead with additional services. Recommendations will be made if more serious issues are discovered with the equipment.