My Equilibria

The revolution in outdoor wellness

MyEquilibria has its roots in the link between Nature and Human Innovation.

Our products represent the evolution of Outdoor Fitness, characterised by a unique design, by cutting-edge production technology and focussed on eco-sustainability.

Wellness and Lifestyle

Wellness is not only about staying in shape, but it’s about achieving a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being that allows you to reach your goals, stay healthy, and lead a more engaging, more satisfying and more harmonious life. Naturally, Wellness should be approached holistically and reflected in the design and biomechanics of fitness equipment.

Residential Homes

An undeniable benefit of living in a pristine residential estate is the possibility of taking advantage of outdoor spaces and getting closer to nature. MyEquilibria allows you to incorporate outdoor exercise into your daily routine.

Hotels & resorts

Outdoor spaces of resorts, hotels and guest lodges create a significant additional value for the guests. Using these spaces means embracing workouts in the open air and giving people the opportunity to enjoy a more active lifestyle, closer to nature.


Employees are the core of intellectual capital at any business and their well-being has a serious and direct impact on the corporate organisation. Out door spaces create ‘green’ areas where employees can relax, disconnect and charge their surroundings.

Residential Estates

An outdoor wellness park would be a smart addition to any prestigious condominium. It’s just a matter of choosing the best equipment to match the active lifestyle of its residents and to valorise, the surrounding environments.

Public Beaches

Our pristine beaches create a perfect backdrop for outdoor workouts and complementing sports activities. In this case, a beautiful contemporary design of outdoor equipment plays a key role in stimulating people to be more active and exercise daily.

Public Spaces

With a quickly growing urban population, national parks and green areas have become the only breath of fresh air from the stress charged city life. The most progressive municipalities are actively working on enhancing public space with ‘true wellness projects for everybody.’


University campuses are looking for new ways to incorporate bodyweight training into their facilities. They also want to optimise their investment and choose functional installations that will look great for years to come.

My Equilibria App

  • designed to give users full support & guidance
  • over 500 videos with workout protocol
  • real-time tracking features
  • audio coach assistance
  • create custom workouts
  • brilliant social features