Corporate on-demand wellness is basically Seamless for the health of your employees; good business is good health.
Digital is the new normal

In the short term many companies will focus on staying afloat, but this is also the perfect time to shift your focus and think more long-term as we brace the reality of digitalisation, so why not also transform your Health & Wellness strategy by transforming to digital with Concept Fitness.

It started out as a response to the lockdown crisis, but now online fitness classes are becoming one of many new normals.

“A few years ago, the idea of staging an event or conference online might have seemed absurd. But technology has improved, and our view on traditional events has changed as we realise the benefits of going virtual: super cost-effective, extending the reach of your audience, reducing carbon footprint, and including people who may not necessarily want to travel.”

“It’s a worrying time for the fitness industry, with gyms forced to close their doors indefinitely. But we’re seeing a groundswell of businesses and brands shifting to online classes for their members to not only maintain their fitness levels and practices at home, but to keep that sense of community and connection with the brand.”

Digital platforms

Concept Fitness will provide

  • bespoke digital fitness solutions
    • aerobics, hi-lo, functional, yoga, HIIT, etc.
  • group fitness instructors
  • personal trainers
  • live sessions will only be available to your staff compliment

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