Stay Fit from the Comfort of Your Own Room

Having a gym in your room, will make you want to workout, even if you don’t want to.

More and more people see physical and mental wellbeing as a priority in their lives: and while travelling for bleisure (business or leisure ) they want to relax, but also to be able to maintain their daily routine. As this is the forefront of many people’s lives and this trend is undoubtedly influencing the expansion in different areas. One of those is the hotel industry, where Wellness must be present in its offering of services having health at the centre.

Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and cruise ships are increasingly looking to offer their guests a distinctive wellness journey. Concept Fitness can provide a wide range of tailor-made solutions for each of the final user’s touch points, suiting any space requirement. Create an exclusive experience for your guests and increasing your attraction, retention and secondary revenues.

Whether it’s a house, a hotel, a residential estate, a corporate gym or a medical centre, in each layout we take care of every detail, the final result being a showcase of Concept Fitness expertise.

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These days nobody does the same workout twice at the gym, so why should they on the road? Concept Fitness in-room Gym Rax storage bay provides a large variety of fitness accessories that support an assortment of exercises and fitness modalities to include strength, suspension, body weight, core, yoga, HIIT, meditation and family fitness options.


Our In-room kiosk provides over 200 bespoke guided exercise tutorials and over 25 classes to invigorate and motivate you through a workout, using the equipment found in the room as well as bodyweight exercises.


Indoor cycling appeals to a wide range of users and abilities. The Wattbike Atom delivers the distinctive feel of riding a bike out on the road. It’s engineered to enhance the performance of any athlete no matter where they are in their fitness journey.


Mindfulness practices such as meditation are becoming more important to many hotel guests and global travellers. A small and simple floor meditation mat offers the perfect spot to get comfortable, breathe deeply, and relax.

Optional Accessories

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Concept Fitness will provide

  • Bespoke turnkey solutions for your room/project
  • Procure prestige equipment and accessories
  • Professional support and design teams
  • Professional delivery and installation
  • On site Wellness fairs at your hotel
  • Live online group classes
  • Onsite group classes
  • Onsite Holistic wellness workshops/interventions
  • Mindfulness interventions