Stay Fit from the Comfort of Your Own Room

Having a gym in your room, will make you want to workout, even if you don’t want to. Unique solutions for hotels, small company offices, your home, Estate living and much more

More and more people see physical and mental wellbeing as a priority in their lives: and while travelling for bleisure (business or leisure ) they want to relax, but also to be able to maintain their daily routine. As this is the forefront of many people’s lives and this trend is undoubtedly influencing the expansion in different areas. One of those is the hotel industry, where Wellness must be present in its offering of services having health at the centre.

Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and cruise ships are increasingly looking to offer their guests a distinctive wellness journey. Concept Fitness can provide a wide range of tailor-made solutions for each of the final user’s touch points, suiting any space requirement. Create an exclusive experience for your guests and increasing your attraction, retention and secondary revenues.

Whether it’s a house, a hotel, a residential estate, a corporate gym or a medical centre, in each layout we take care of every detail, the final result being a showcase of Concept Fitness expertise.

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These days nobody does the same workout twice at the gym, so why should they on the road? Concept Fitness in-room ADAPT-A-ROOM The Unique G-wall design enables full and comfortable whole body training per 1 sqm. The correct course of training is ensured by the training app included in the G-wall set, providing 27 exercises for all body parts. Through enabling guests to exercise in the shelter of their own hotel room  the comfort of their stay at your hotel will be significantly improved, whilst brand loyalty will continue to be developed. The storage bay provides a variety of fitness accessories that support an assortment of exercises and fitness modalities to include strength, suspension, body weight, core, yoga, HIIT, meditation and family fitness options.


A complete workout on only 1 sqm. Adaptiva G-wall is the answer to the fitness market changing right in front of our eyes. It is a perfect solution for a new reality for hotels, fitness clubs or your home.

G-wall creates a new standard, especially for hotels, where hotel guests no longer have to leave their rooms to do workout at the gym. It is also more safe for those who practice in a fitness club, where complete training can be done on one workstation. Contact with other people and the need to disinfect every piece of equipment are now minimized.


The G-Wall is available in as many as 5 different equipment versions and can thus be adapted to your individual needs. Apart from the functionality of the device itself, our aim was to focus on the quality of workmanship and a modern design. We put a great attention to every little detail. Our designers did their best to sketch the device in such a way that the G-wall could fit into any room without changing its character which resulted in a multitude of colour versions, smoothness of the surface and a minimalist order of the connection lines.


The package with the device includes a workout app with 27 exercises for all muscle groups. You will find exercises grouped according to the level of advancement, body parts and a selection of your favorite workouts. All this together provides an opportunity to conduct a full training and achieve the intended training goals. The workouts are based on the latest studies of human physiology and anatomy, ensuring the safety of every user. We can use the training application both on our own smartphone or on a built-in touch screen (optional).

Concept Fitness will provide

  • Bespoke turnkey solutions for your room/project
  • Procure prestige equipment and accessories
  • Professional support and design teams
  • Professional delivery and installation
  • On site Wellness fairs at your hotel
  • Live online group classes
  • Onsite group classes
  • Onsite Holistic wellness workshops/interventions
  • Mindfulness interventions

Optional Accessories

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