Fortis 900 Series

The best training experience.Fortis 900 Series is a high quality Italian-designed treadmill series that stimulates an audiovisual feast and enhances gym experience.

Our Models :

900TE Get exposed to the optimum experience with Italian craftsmanship and powerful operating systems.

900TI A powerful high quality multimedia treadmill that stimulates an audiovisual feast and enhances gym experience.

900T Spacious, comfortable and maintenance-free treadmill to provide the best training experience.

900TC Spacious and convenient treadmill built with having studio classes in mind where views between instructor and participants are not being compromised.

Train. Work. Play.

Pamper your members with an audiovisual feast. Our 900TI and 900TE offers various multimedia options right at your fingertips. Enjoy entertainment on the run.


  • Built in TV
  • Built in programs
  • Touch screens
  • Wi-Fi / Internet connectivity
  • Virtual run
  • Screen mirroring

Simple. Easy.Classy

The fuss-free solution for studios and clubs. A ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) concept for the benefit of all in Fortis 900TC model.

Choose your device:

Convenience On The Go

No more running back to the locker.

What are you bringing with today?

BottlePhone Towel

Get the Best

​Our Fortis 900 Series offers a variety of selection to choose from for pampering your members. Get the ideal treadmill:

A multimedia feast? 

An independent treadmill?

​The choice is yours.

Choose your Experience