GYM RAX® Storage and Suspension systems


It begin with a single Bay and ends where and when you need it to.  Use them to support group studios, dynamic training areas, flexibility zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organisation or functional training support.


The patent pending adjustable storage technology allows the inter-changeability of RAX within every Bay!  Configure your system any way you see fit. Change your programming down the road?  No problem, our RAX can be reconfigured without the need for technicians or even tools!

The Freedom® Mount TECHNOLOGY

The patented Freedom Mount technology creates a safe & non-binding connection for suspension equipment of all types including punching bags, aerial hammocks, rope trainers, and straps. The articulating shackle system supports quick inter-changeability during training from one exercise devise to the next.



APOGEE represents the fitness industry’s apex in Smart Rigging™ solution. Today’s Functional Training spaces largely dedicated to movement based modalities require a next generation refinement in framing appeal and design. APOGEE is built upon the Gym Rax commitment to unparalleled quality and function in modular rigging. Each frame and storage integration is crafted to provide maximum value in finish, functionality, and longevity.


The most versatile fitness accessory & free-weight storage system on the planet.  Configure Gym Rax Streamline storage bays in any pattern of 3′ (91cm), 4′ (121cm), or 6′ (182cm) tall frames. Perfect for group studios, functional training areas, flexibility zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organisation in the gym.

  • Modular Configuration and Endless Expandability
  • Interchangeable, Quick-Change Shelving System
  • Free Anchor™ – Free Standing Kit Option
  • Frame Color- Porsche Silver or Customise
  • Optional Branded Signage


The GYM RAX® Free Anchor system is designed to support the smallest functional footprint in the industry and alleviate permanent fastening challenges and constraints, translating into a potential reduction of costs, installation prerequisites, and safety-related concerns.

  • Ease of Installation
  • Smallest Functional Footprint in the industry
  • No Drilling Required
  • Preservation of Portability
  • Safety