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Product Features

  • Special treadmill that does not require electric power because there is no motor or actuator (non-powered treadmill)
  • User-customized exercise equipment in which the driving part frame is driven in a covered form according to the user’s movement at all levels
  • Excellent space utilization as the installation area is 60% of the general treadmill
  • Injury prevention effect with function to prevent reverse driving
  • Because motor and belt tension adjustment is not required, it is semi-permanent and maintenance cost is very low


Product Features | PRODUCT FEATURE

  • Maximum speed 25km/h, maximum slope 22%
  • Smartphone mirroring function applying embedded HDTV (Android, iOS)
  • Dual Incline System: No rolling even at full speed running. (Patent No. 10-0624647)
  • Floating deck type smart shock absorption system: optimal cushion (Patent No. 10-1371607)
  • Built-in intelligent heart rate system, built-in automatic belt tension system
  • emergency stop