How to Address the Coming Surge in Resident Demand for Exercise Space

Apr 17, 2020 | Fitness Planning & Design

No one anticipated a wide scale shut down of fitness centers. Gyms facilitate a coveted communal lifestyle that we as humans strongly desire, and are now ironically deprived of. Yet when the shut-downs are lifted, expectations and demands on those spaces will be greatly shifted. We cannot simply turn on the lights and let people back in. Operators of all types are working now to design an effective plan to manage hygiene, new social distancing standards for these area.

Consider the following:

  • What steps must be taken to re-balance the existing fitness center floorplan and placement of equipment to facilitate new social distancing standards?
  • How will you implement essential hygiene modifications?
  • How will you manage traffic flow and scheduling to mitigate the load in certain areas?

We are here to help and are working diligently with our clients to assist in this effort. Reach us today to initiate our COVID-19 Gym Design Planning. Contact US today…

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing During Coronavirus Disruptions

The rapid change and disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak demands coping skills that most of us were not prepared for. Your people are experiencing fear of community spread of COVID-19, the loneliness of social distancing and self-isolation, mental exhaustion of routine disruptions, grief for fallen loved ones, and the uncertainty of the future. Now more than ever is the time for organizations to support employee mental health and wellbeing. In fact, research shows that an individual’s employer is the most trusted institution (over media and government) for critical information during this time1.

Consider these four quick ideas to support your employees with stress management by helping them prioritize their wellbeing, maintain social connections and building work-life balance.

1. Advise Physical Activity

Allow time for employees to walk outside and step away from their computer, this will help them re-focus and be more productive. Suggest virtual workouts like yoga, boot camp, or cardio & core classes. Even better, schedule a set time for employees to do these workouts together.

2. Host Virtual Hangouts

Being connected with other employees is extremely important, even if it’s virtually. Once a week, host a virtual hang out to discuss topics other than work. Employees can sip on their favorite coffee or tea, you can even turn it into a virtual happy hour!

3. Lead by Example

When employees are working from home they may feel the need to be online at all times. This can lead to mental health and wellbeing burnout. Organizations can amplify these efforts by establishing a routine schedule – check-in meetings in the morning, check-out meetings end of the day to discuss priorities and what was accomplished.

4. Mental Health and Wellbeing Playbooks

Distractions are a natural part of working from home. There are kids and pets running around, dirty dishes in the sink, the picture hanging on your wall is crooked. The list goes on with what is keeping you from your work. Establishing a front and center home base for mental health and wellbeing resources can support your employees while they work from home during these uncertain times. Coaching programs are a great resource for employees and their families for mental health, wellbeing, or wherever they are in their journey.

1Special Report: Trust and the Coronavirus. Edelman. 2020

Coronavirus and Prediabetes: Digital Health During a Global Crisis

Written By: Gabrielle Purchon

Meaningful, positive lifestyle changes are what diabetes prevention programs (DPPs) are all about. But what happens when you’ve been working hard toward developing new healthy habits, and the world around you suddenly changes? 

For many, this presents a whole new set of challenges. It’s also more important than ever to stay on the path to diabetes prevention. Diabetes increases the risk of complications from the new coronavirus disease. The good news is that a mobile-first, digital DPP, like Virgin Pulse Transform, can support you during times of change.  

Below are just a few ways your diabetes prevention program can help you stay on track with your health and wellbeing goals. 

Connect With Your Health Coach 

health coach is there for you no matter where you are. Whether you connect over the phone, secure email, chat or text messaging, they can advise you on how to readjust your routine and help you stay motivated to reach your goals.  

Health coaches can also help you: 

  • Build healthy, nutritious meals out of the food you have on hand and make recommendations based on your dietary needs, budget and time.  
  • Adapt to changes in your schedule so that you’re able to prioritize sleep and make time for self-care.  
  • Manage stress and learn new techniques to cope. 

Tap into a Remote Social Support Network 

Remote social networking is built into Virgin Pulse Transform so participants can access peer support around the clock. Digital socializing provides a high level of flexibility and reduces barriers, making it easier to reach out when you want to. Outside of Transform, there are lots of other convenient ways to engage with friends, colleagues or peers who can support you during challenging times. Regular phone calls, video conferencing or free social networking apps can help you stay connected. If possible, seek out people who understand what you’re going through. You can also offer your support to others in need. Share resources, tips and just be there to listen. We’re all in this together.  

Prioritize Self-Care With Digital Tools 

With access to in-person resources being so limited, now is the time to lean on your digital health tracking tools. If you keep an eye on your daily progress, it’s also easier to notice if things are slipping or identify areas where you need a little help. Try to keep tracking your healthy habits every day and keep celebrating every small win.  

Remember: You Got This 

Many of us have never experienced a disruption on this scale. It’s so big, it’s hard to wrap your head around it. When the things you value the most are threatened, like your health, socialising, traveling and working, refocus your efforts on things within your grasp. What you eat, your daily activities and routines, being mindful — these are all things you can control. As you work toward your health goals, remember that every day is a new day. Even if you hit a few bumps in the road — you got this. And we’re here to help.