Welcome to Concept Fitness

The  Concept Fitness philosophy was born out of a passion for people & movement. We want more people to feel better in their bodies by fostering a culture of health and wellness.

Good health is good business!

​We are incredibly proud of Concept Fitness and we share this pride with all our key stakeholders: clients, members, and employees. We’ve been building our company since 2015, we will offer comprehensive wellness solutions to high end hospitality, Top 100 companies, and P&A Grade commercial real estate buildings. We innovate, create, and develop ideas and solutions that engage and inspire our members. We source fitness professionals that have a pure love and joy for wellness and then we provide an experience that is memorable.  We are unique, because we truly believe in what we do, and we practice it every day.  We live fitness and wellness, because we know how it make us feel and how it can transform others.

Innovation & Growth

We believe in a hands-on comprehensive approach to gym management and wellness solutions that is supported by top fitness professionals in the industry.  Unrivalled operations, holistic wellness, leveraging state of the art technology, investing in professional marketing and our unrelenting attention to detail has contributed to our growth. We take a very active approach to management.

Our Vision

To inspire movement by delivering excellence in health, fitness and wellness management in the workplace that is motivating and edifying

Our Mission

To enable workers at all levels in an organisation to be healthy, both mentally and physically by having a sense of wellbeing and achieving employee engagement and increased productivity

Our Purpose

To get workers, managers and business owners to improve their own wellness and the wellbeing of those around them

Our Guiding Principles

Wellness at work is a right. It is a shared responsibility that is…




our culture

our environment

Our Values